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An ordained minister and registered social worker, Rev. Edwin I. Lariza has integrated spirituality in the service of the people in his administrative and leadership functions in the academe, church and community endeavors, and professional organizations, respectively.

A consistent advocate in the social work profession and pastoral ministry, he was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Social Workers of the Philippines in 2004. The Convention Baptist Ministers Association which he led as national president for six years bestowed on him the honor as President Emeritus in 2010.
The author was at the peak of  service and leadership when  confronted by a chronic heart ailment, compounded by unusual nerve disorder.  Such condition has constrained his active life of service for more than a year now. Most of his time is spent at home due to limited mobility. It was a devastating experience for him and  family. The worst they ever encountered so far. Adding pain was the realization that they have given all in service without saving for  times of crisis.
The delay of complete healing makes him vulnerable to discouragement and depression. An on-going wrestle with the nagging issues of pain and suffering and search for the meaning of all these experiences in life. Yet the test of time and circumstances since 2009 has given him the opportunity to evaluate life and faith. He has more time for self and family. More time to read the bible, pray, meditate, reflect, put  faith into action in almost all aspects of life. All the beautiful things which had deprived to him due to very hectic schedule prior to  ailment. More time for faith journey that goes on.