About the blog

I started blogging on February 18, 2011, upon my  pastor – friend’s  advice to help my healing process. I was at the peak of  service when attacked by chronic heart ailment, compounded by unusual nerve disorder. Such condition has constrained my active life of service for more than a year now. Most of my time is spent at home due to limited mobility, making me vulnerable to discouragement and depression.

Dubbed PADAYON: Our Life Journey, the first journal  blog attempts to inspire readers to continue the commitment in service, no matter what. PADAYON is an Ilonggo term which means continue. In deeper sense, it connotes moving/going on (or never give up) despite adversaries or adversities.

My friend’s advice works. I find joy in blogging. My interest in writing has been revived. Hence, I opened another blog to ventilate  my suppressed commitment to the service of the people towards development. Networking-for-holistic-development focuses on networking for social development.

The inspiration continues. Hence, I create  this  sharing blog. A forum for life and  faith experiences of people who have survived the test of times and circumstances.  Originally entitled Faith Journey, I decided to change the name to Crawling Up a Higher Ground after 5 months as reflection of how I assess my journey. At first I tend to retitle the blog  Moving to Higher Ground. However, a reality check makes me realize I have not set my feet on higher ground yet. In fact, I am too weak to stand. But without losing hope, I find myself crawling up a higher ground, clinging on the promises of God, looking up to His faithfulness more than my frailties.

The recent change of the title
On Higher Ground  is a manifestation of the progress in my journey as I decided to revive this blog after more than a year of hibernation. Such development  will be reflected in succeeding posts.


This is a venue for us to learn from one another and share  so that others will also find inspiration in their faith journey.