September 1, 2013

Hitting a plateau?

It seems I have reached a some kind of plateau in my journey both in blogging and in my spirituality. Indicator:  No new post on any of my  seven other blogs for the past three months, not even  on this blog which is supposed to be the journal of my faith journey.

Probably, I was just exhausted after a successful defense of my dissertation last June. So exhausted that until now I have not submitted the final copy  despite a minor revision. Although I know I can do it, if I will, in less than a week.
Courtesy of seekeronline.infonli
But I don't want to prolong this experience. Today, I decided to break the plateau by idly opening this blog, attempting to  make a new post. Surfing the web related to the subject matter,  in random, two links caught my attention. Hence,  I am sharing the Post dissertation stress disorder and  Have You Reached A Spiritual Plateau? to change the status  quo.

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